Stop internet censorship! End Google’s blacklist of the World Socialist Web Site!

Petitioning: Sergey Brin, President of Alphabet Inc., Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet Inc., Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.

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Brigitte H. , Germany, Sep 25, 2017

freedom of speech in quality and quantity must continue on the web

tom c. , United States, Sep 25, 2017

Gulfem W. woking , United Kingdom, Sep 25, 2017

There should be no gatekeepers to what is news...and information should be free. The coming war is not country vs country but the 99% vs the 1%.

Mack D. , United States, Sep 25, 2017

Ceridwen O. Cape Town , South Africa, Sep 25, 2017

In April, Google introduced new search algorithms and protocols that block access to socialist, anti-war, and progressive websites.

Google has especially targeted the World Socialist Web Site, the most widely read socialist Internet publication. The WSWS has experienced a 70 percent drop in referrals from Google searches. Its news articles and essays on politics, history and culture are being systematically blocked.

Under the fraudulent pretext of countering “fake news,” Google is engaged in political censorship. There is clear evidence that Google’s manipulation of search results is being closely coordinated with the military, intelligence agencies, and powerful corporate interests.

This petition demands that you stop Google’s attack on free speech, independent thought, and the basic right to uncensored information.


Beenden Sie die Zensur im Internet! Google muss aufhören, die World Socialist Web Site auf die schwarze Liste zu setzen!

Im April führte Google neue Suchalgorithmen und Protokolle ein, die den Zugang zu sozialistischen, progressiven und Anti-Kriegs-Websites blockieren.

Google zielt dabei insbesondere auf die World Socialist Web Site, die meistgelesene sozialistische Internet-Publikation. Die Zugriffe auf die WSWS, die auf Google-Suchergebnisse zurückgehen, sind um 70 Prozent gefallen. Ihre Nachrichtenartikel und ihre Aufsätze zu politischen, geschichtlichen und kulturellen Themen werden systematisch blockiert.

Unter dem fadenscheinigen Vorwand, gegen „Fake News“ vorzugehen, übt Google politische Zensur aus. Es gibt eindeutige Hinweise, dass Google seine Manipulation von Suchergebnissen eng mit dem Militär, den Geheimdiensten und mächtigen Wirtschaftsinteressen abstimmt.

Diese Petition fordert Sie auf, den Angriff von Google auf die Rede- und Meinungsfreiheit und das Grundrecht auf unzensierte Informationen zu beenden.


¡Detengan la censura del Internet! ¡Dejen de poner al World Socialist Web Site en su lista negra política!

En abril, Google introdujo nuevos algoritmos y protocolos de búsqueda que bloquean el acceso a sitios web socialistas, contrarios a la guerra y progresistas.

El World Socialist Web Site, la publicación socialista más leída del Internet, ha sido un blanco especial, sufriendo una caída del 70 por ciento en las visitas provenientes de las búsquedas en Google. Sus artículos de noticias y ensayos sobre política, historia y cultura están siendo sistemáticamente bloqueados.

Bajo el fraudulento pretexto de estar combatiendo las “noticias falsas”, Google ha estado incurriendo en la censura política. Más allá, hay amplia evidencia de que la manipulación de sus resultados de búsqueda está siendo coordinada estrechamente con los militares, las agencias de inteligencia y poderosos intereses corporativos.

Esta petición les exige detener los ataques de Google contra la libre expresión, el pensamiento independiente y el derecho básico a una información no censurada.

Featured comments

Sophie, from Edinburgh, UK

“The WSWS is the best source for information on American imperialism available online… Clearly Google, in collusion with the US government, fears the growing class-consciousness amongst the masses of America and Europe, along with the oppressed nations worldwide already living under the jackboot of US hegemony.”

Paris, from Greece

“WSWS is a significant source of information on the international workers’ movement and the struggle of oppressed people worldwide,” Paris from Greece wrote, “Down with the censorship!”

Adam from Baltimore, Maryland

“Google is now one of the bitterest enemies of working people. Workers must, as with the whole capitalist economy, take over Google and run it for their own interests, rather than the billionaires and millionaires that gorge themselves off of Google’s collection and sale of private information.”

Robert, from Germany

“The campaign against WSWS and other progressive web sites is not just some dystopian nightmare. We all must wake up.”

David, from New South Wales, Australia

“This is an outrageous, deliberate and dangerous attack on the world’s working class. When governments and business collude to actively block information from public view it signals that they are actively and consciously moving to Police State method of population control.”

Kate, from Australia

 “I oppose in the strongest terms Google censorship of the WSWS. The analysis provided on the WSWS is authoritative and it is the only website that tells the working class the truth. Something that is sorely needed in a world where the future of humanity is threatened, on a daily basis, by the threat of nuclear war. The blocking of the WSWS is a deliberate attack on freedom of speech and free thought, and I demand that Google stop this attack on the most basic of democratic rights, the right to uncensored information.”

Pedro, from São Paulo, Brazil

The World Socialist Web Site is one of the few Internet resources for class-conscious, genuinely progressive commentary and analysis. For the capitalist crisis to be overcome, it’s imperative for the working class to have unrestrained access to this very kind of courageous political and theoretical insight into world affairs. Theory and Marxist analysis is an indispensable tool for social change! Stop Google’s censorship of the WSWS and other progressive websites!”

Cesar, from Peru

And Cesar from Peru: “The international working class has the right to reach websites that contribute to their political development. I am not surprised that the WSWS has been targeted by a world capitalist corporation which controls information, since the WSWS is the only website that offers a clear international, socialist perspective to working people across the world. Keep up the fight!”

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